On my very first film set in 2009, I was able to help contribute in various ways outside my role as an actor, and as a result, the team brought me on as a producer. I was very fortunate to start learning about life on both sides of the camera from day one.  

Soon, alongside acting, I was collaborating with filmmakers in the Philadelphia area writing and producing features, shorts, and commercials.

In 2017, I took my hard-earned film knowledge, and, combining it with my previous passion for social work, co-founded a nonprofit company called Of Substance, where we make short, narrative films focused on addiction. These bite-sized, impactful stories of every genre offer a new form of support for addicts and their loved ones. In that role, I've written, directed, and/or produced 14 short films in just two years. We plan to make hundreds more. Check out our work at: